Viking Jewelry

Vikings are among the seafaring warriors of Scandinavia. These warriors used to raid other tribes where they stole their gold and other jewelry. The Vikings are known for their undying love for jewelry. This tribe raided and settled in some other parts of Europe. The most recognizable area where they settle is in the British Isles. They also do the same to the other parts of Europe. According to the historians, it is suggested that the Vikings were the first group from Europe to reach North America. Various pieces of the Viking jewelry are known today. Here's a good read about vikings jewelry, check it out

This article is going to highlight some of the Viking jewelry that is known today. There is the gold ring. Silver was the preferred metal among the Vikings. However, we have witnessed several gold pieces and bronze Viking jewelry being auctioned. It appears that the gold ring had some importance among the ancient Viking community. The lifestyle of the Vikings has attracted attention in the recent years. Their unique lifestyle is the reason for this phenomenon. There are even very popular movies and TV shows about the lifestyle of the Vikings and their love for jewelry.

Then there is the sorcerer's amulet. The ancient jewelry like the sorcerer's amulet is a proof of the mythology and the religion of the Vikings. This jewelry was believed to be possessed by either the sorcerers or the seers in the community. A grave was discovered with a necklace resembling this ornament. This suggested that the remains were of either a sorcerer or a seer. The Vikings are well known of how much they valued the jewelry. These people risk their lives in the sea search of the villages to raid for jewelry. To gather more awesome ideas, click here to get started

Another notable Viking jewelry is the silver ring. Among the Viking jewelry that is discovered nowadays, it is correct to say that the rings were a common type Viking jewelry. Most of their jewelry was in the form of a ring. There is also another ancient Viking jewelry that has been discovered known as the garment brooch. This ornament was made of silver and decorated with grape patterns. The brooches were used to hold clothes in place. These jewels were also used to guard against the impact of the sword during battles.

Finally, the other common type of jewelry that was common among the Vikings is the hoop earring. The design of the earring hoop was simply amazing. The Vikings also have their jewelry in the shapes of hearts, crescents, and axes. Kindly visit this website for more useful reference.